New Patients

Dr. Dawna-Marie Townsend Fixott has limited openings for new patients and is contracted (In Network) with most major health insurance companies. However, we are currently over capacity for all plans through Oregon Health Plan and Medicare, including PacificSource Community Solutions and Medicare based commercial plans. We are not able to take on new patients with those insurances, even when it is listed as a secondary. For patients without insurance, we are able to do special discounts on select services when paid in full at the time of service.

We are currently limiting our new patient appointments to two new patients per week, so there may be a significant wait time to become established. Since we only have one provider, we need to ensure that Dr. Fixott is able to provide adequate care for our current patients without overburdening her and our staff. If you have an urgent need and cannot wait until your appointment, we recommend going to an Urgent Care clinic (walk-in clinics designed for expedient care for concerns that are not life-threatening) we recommend YourCare in Redmond.

Call Us to Set an Appointment: 541-316-2277

When you call to set an appointment, please have your insurance identification cards ready so that we can enter the information into the system as we schedule your visit. We do this because as a courtesy, we will verify your eligibility and do an estimate of your responsibility for the appointment. If we estimate the amount of your responsibility to be over $50.00, we will notify you prior to your appointment as we are required to collect all balances at the time of service.

In Preparation for Your Appointment

Please plan on arriving at least 10-15 minutes early to your scheduled appointment time with your Insurance ID card, Photo ID and any applicable copay or estimated patient responsibility. Follow this link to download the New Patient Paperwork. If you are unable to print off the paperwork, you may call us and ask that we mail a hard copy to you, or you may come to your appointment at least 20-30 minutes early to fill it out here in the clinic.

We strongly recommend contacting your health insurance company in order to better understand your benefits prior to your appointment.

Transferring Care? Ensure your records are transferred.

If you are transferring care from another provider’s office, please have your records transferred to our clinic so that we can have a copy to review at your appointment. A Medical Records Release form will need to be filled out and sent to your previous provider’s clinic prior to your appointment. You may either print of a copy here and drop it by the clinic, or stop by either clinic to fill it out in person. If you opt to print off your own, the form needs to be delivered in person to a clinic in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Please note that Dr. Fixott will not prescribe pain medications for chronic pain without first receiving medical records directly from your previous provider via fax or mail. She may also refer chronic pain patients to pain specialists as necessary for prescription management.

Time Allowances

The average New Patient appointment is scheduled to have 30 minutes of face time with Dr. Fixott. We estimate 1 hour of total time spent within the office to compensate for possible situations that may cause you to be retained for longer than the estimated time. There are certain limitations to what can be done at a New Patient appointment and to when we can schedule them. We will notify you when you call to schedule should any of those limitations apply.